Unit1 Cultural relics
1. cultural relics 文化遗产2. rare and valuable 珍贵稀有3. survive 幸存,活下来,比活的长
4. in search of 寻找,寻求 (介词短语) search for寻找(动词短语)
5. in the fancy style 以别致的风格 in ? style/ in the style of ??以??风格
6.be popular with受…的欢迎 7. be decorated with用。。。装饰 decorate with 以...装饰
8. be designed for ?为??而设计 by design故意地 9. belong to 属于(无被动,无进行)
10. in return (for) 作为回报/报答/交换 in turn 依次地,轮流的;转而,反过来
11. a troop of 一群 12. become part of? 变成??的一部分 13. serve as作为,用作,充当
14. reception hall会客室 15. have sth. done 请/让别人做某事 16.less than少于
17. consider doing 考虑做某事 consider…as/to be+ n./adj.“认为…是…” consider that从句
18. be at war 处于战争状态,交战 19. remove… from从…去掉/移走 20. evidence证据
21. remains a mystery依然是谜 it remains to be seen 尚待分晓 22.the entrance to。。。的入口
23. be (well) worth doing(很)值得做的 be worth+n.或金钱 24. care about在乎,关心
25. the former…the latter(两者中的)前者…后者… 26. explode爆炸 explosion(n.)
27. without doubt 无疑地,确实地 in doubt有疑问地28. by the light of the moom 借助于月光
29. apart分别地 take apart 拆卸,拆开 apart from=except除…之外 tell…apart辨认,区分
30. judge n.法官,裁判 v.断定,判定 Judging from…由…判定
31. rather than胜于,而不是 prefer to do rather than do, would like to do rather than do, would do rather than do宁愿做…而不愿做…32. do with 处理,忍受,对付 what-do with, how-deal with
33. to one’s surprise 使…感到惊奇的是 34. think highly/well/much of认为…了不起,看重
二、重点句型 ( I was never allowed to do things the way我从来不允许按照自己的想法去做事情。)
20. There is no doubt that …毫无疑问。。。I have doubt whether/if…我怀疑是否…(doubt名词) I doubt whether/if..我怀疑是否…I don’t doubt that…我不怀疑。。。(doubt动词)
Unit2 The Olympic Games
1. the ancient Olympic Games 古代奥运会 2. stand for 代表;表示;主张;支持;拥护
3. compete with /against sb. for sth. in… 在。。。中与某人竞争而获得某物
3. take part in 参加有组织的、重大的活动 join in参加在进行着的活动或游戏(球赛,游戏,舞会等)join参加团体、党派、组织、某人 join sb. in doing sth.加入某人做某事
attend参加婚礼、典礼、讲座、会议、上课等(wedding, ceremony, lecture, meting, class, school)
4. come on a magical journey 做梦幻之游come on (表劝说,鼓励等)来吧,走吧;开始
5. be a volunteer for 做??志愿者 volunteer to do sth. 自愿做某事 6. nowadays当今,现在
7. used to do sth.过去常常做某事 be used to do sth.被用来做get/be used to (doing) sth.习惯做...
8. every two days, every second day, every other day每两天/每隔一天every few meters每几米
9. on a regular basis定期地 10. together with和…一起 11. host n.主人,主持人 v. 主办,举行
12. admit(admitted, admitting )承认,容纳,接纳 be admitted as 作为…被接受 admit n./doing sth./having done sth./that从句 承认某事/(已经)做了某事
be admitted to/into… 被…录取,被允许、接纳进入 admit sb./sth. to be 承认某人/某物是…
13. as well 也;又;同样 as well as (除...之外)也,既...又 conj. 以及,又14. take responsibility for? be responsible for对??负有责任,负起对??的责任
15. replace(=take the place of ) replace sb./sth.取代某人/某物replace…with/by …以…取代
16. put forward 呈上;提出;提前come up with提出,相出 17. advertise sth.打广告
18. be in/under sb’s charge= in /under the charge of sb.由…负责/管理
in charge of 或take charge of负责,掌管 free of charge=for free免费
charge sb. some money for sth. 因某事/物而向某人索价 get charged充电
charge sb. with (doing) sth.控告某人(做)某事 19. physical exercise 体育锻炼
20. be fined+金钱“被罚款” 21. win glory for sb. 为某人赢得荣誉 22. hopeless绝望的
23. bargain讨价还价,便宜货 make a bargain with sb. 与某人达成协议/成交
24. pick up 捡起来;接某人 25. be in pain疼痛 take great pains to do sth.煞费苦心做某事
26. promise许诺,答应;预示,有望 promise (sb.)to do sth. 答应(某人)做某事
promise (sb.)sth. 答应某人某事 promise (sb.)that从句 make a promise 许诺 keep a promise 遵守诺言carry out one’s promise 履行诺言 break one’s promise不遵守诺言
27. marry v.结婚,嫁,娶 married adj.已婚的 marriage n.婚姻
Be/get married to sb与某人结婚 marry sb. to sb.把某人嫁给某人 A marry B A娶了/嫁给B
28. one after another 一个接一个地,络绎不绝地 (连续性) one by one逐一地 (顺序性)
29. deserve vi&vt.应受(报答或惩罚),值得 deserve to do sth理应做,值得做
deserve to be done= deserve doing应该,值得 (主动形式表示被动意义) deserve sth.应得 deserve to be rewarded /punished] 该奖[罚] deserve punishment应当受罚
二、重点句型 别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加。 (否定词置于句首,句子倒装。)
⑴ So+情态动词/助动词/be动词+主语 “也是的一样的”, 强调后者同前者肯定情况一样。 ⑵ Neither/Nor+情态动词/助动词/be动词+主语“也不” , 强调后者同前者否定情况一样。 ⑶ So+主语+情态动词/助动词/be动词 “的确如此啊”,对前面情况的肯定。
2. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics?
not only…but (also)…不但。。。而且。。。
(1) 引导并列结构:引导主语时,谓语动词 就近原则。
(2) 引导并列句时,not only句倒装,即前倒后不倒。
例如:Not only did they take photos, but also they had a bid dinner.
3. There is as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟争夺奥运奖牌一样地激烈。
(1) as/so + 形容词/副词原级 + as…
例如:He is as tall as his brother, but he doesn’t study as/so well as his brother.
(2) as/so + 形容词+ 不可数名词/可数名词复数+ as…
例如:He gave me as valuable advice as you did.
(3) as/so + 形容词+ a/an +可数名词单数 + as…
例如:Tom is as tall a boy as Harry.
Unit3 Computers
1. in common 共同的in common with 和…一样 We have much/a lot /nothing /little /something in common.我们有很多/没有/几乎没有/有一些相似之处。
2.put… in order把…排序in order按顺序; 整齐out of order次序紊乱;(机器等)失灵; 出故障
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3. compare …with…把…与…想比 compare …to… 把…比作… compared with与…想比
4. over time 久而久之 5.begin as作为…开始 6. technological revolution科技革命
7. from then on. 从那时起 from now on 从现在起 8. artificial intelligence 人工智能
9. in size and in brainpower 在体积和脑容量上 10.as a result结果as a result of作为…的结果
11. go by(时间)流逝,过去 pass by经过 12. human beings, human race, mankind人类
13. provide sb. with sth.= provide sth. for sb.给某人提供某物 14.be filled with充满
14. a life of high quality高质量生活 15. in reality事实上16. be crazy about?痴迷于,醉心于
17. do research into 进行?的研究 18. have a good shot for a goal. 好好地射一个球
19. a devoted friend一个忠实朋友 20. be connected with …与…有联系 21. get together 聚会
22.make up 组成,构成
23.in the early 1960s在20世纪 60 年代早期 24. on the football team在球队中
25. come true 实现,达到 My dream comes true.我梦想成真。realize one’s dream 实现梦想
26. in a way=in one way=in some ways从某种程度上说,从某些方面来说in the/one’s way挡路,碍事 on the/one’s way to …在去…的路上in this way用这种方法by the way 顺便提一下 by way of London 途经伦敦 lose one's way 迷路, 迷失方向 in no way绝不
27. after all毕竟,终究 in all=in total总共 above all尤其重要的是,首先 first of all首先,起初 not at all根本不,一点也不 all in all 总之
28. by oneself=on one’s own独自 29. watch over 看守,照管,监视 30.mobile phone手机
31. with the help of在…的帮助下 32. what’s more=in addition 更重要的是,而且,另外
1. ?it nearly took two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine?差不多到了200年之后我才被做成分析机。
It takes/took/be+时间段+before… “多久之后才…”
2. As time went by. 随着时间的推移。
1.一般现在时的被动语态 am/is/are + done
2.一般过去时的被动语态 was/were + done
3.一般将来时的被动语态 ⑴will/shall be done ⑵be going to be done ⑶be to be done
4.现在进行时的被动语态 is/am/are + being + done
表示说话人说话时或现阶段正在进行的动作,经常和时间副词now (现在), right now (现在, 此刻), at present (现在,目前), at this moment (此刻)连用。
5.现在完成时的被动 have/has been done
现在完成时常与already, always, often, ever, never, yet, not...yet, just等不表示明确的时间副词连用, 还可以和表示时间一直延续到目前的带(ever )since, for的状语及包括现在在内的词连用。如: now, today, this month, this year, recently, these days,many times, so far, by now, in the past/last few days/years… 等。
6. 过去完成时的被动 had been done
7. 过去将来时的被动 would be done
8. 过去进行时的被动 was/were being done
9. 带情态动词的被动语态 情态动词 + be done
10. 动词不定式的被动式 to be done (三)注意事项:
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1. 并不是所有动词都有被动语态
happen, take place, break out, belong to, cost, last
2. 短语动词、固定搭配变被动语态介词副词不省。 E.g. Time should be made full use of.
3. 双宾语:一个宾语成主语,另一主语保留不变。 E.g. Mother will buy me an iphone5. → I will be bought an iphone5 (by my mother) .
→ An iphone5 will be bought for me (by my mother) .
4. 复合宾语(含宾补) 省to动词不定式变被动还原to
使役:make sb. do sth.→Sb. be made to do sth.
感官类:see/hear sb. do sth. →Sb. be seen/heard to do sth.
e.g. Mum made me clean the floor. →I was made to clean the floor.
Unit4 Wildlife protection
1. decrease减少,降低 decrease by 减少了decrease to减少到 increase by/to增加了/到
2. endangered animals濒临危险的动物 in danger of有?的危险;垂危out of danger脱离危险
3. die out 逐渐消失,灭绝(某一物种,也可指疾病、语言、社会习俗custom的灭绝,消失) die off(指一群人或动物等)相继死去 die away(声音,风,光线等)逐渐停止,逐渐消失 die down(火焰,风暴,激烈的情绪等)逐渐减弱,变小 4. in peace安详地,和平地
5. loss损失,丢失,遗失at a loss困惑不解;不知所措 6. in relief 如释重负
7. a nature reserve 自然保护区 a natural protection zone 自然保护区
8. be distant from…离…很远 in the distance在远处 9. be employed to work被雇来工作
10. long to do sth.渴望做某事 long for sth.想要… 11. respond to 回答,回应 response(n.)
12. turn around回转,转向 turn down减弱,降低;拒绝 turn up出现;露面;把声音开大 turn out关闭(煤气、自来水、电灯等);(常与to, that连用)结果 turn off 关闭,关掉 turn on 打开(煤气、自来水、电灯等) turn to sb. for help想某人求助
13. burst into laughter=burst out laughing突然笑了起来 burst in闯进,突然插嘴
burst into tears=burst out crying突然哭起来 burst into +名词=burst out +doing突然…起来
14. without mercy惨忍地 show mercy to对…同情/怜悯,可怜 at the mercy of听由…摆布
15. a certain number of一定数量的 certain 确定的;某一、某些;一定的
16. the importance of… 。。。的重要性 be of great/much importance 非常重要
17. protect …from…保护…不受…(危害) under the protection of在…的保护下
18. contain含有,包含;容纳;容忍 (事物在里面,或某事物由什么组成) include包括
19. pay attention to注意(to为介词,后跟名词、代词、形容词) Attention, please!请注意 Attract/draw/catch one’s attention 吸引某人的注意 fix one’s attention on集中注意力在…上
20. succeed in doing sth. 成功地做某事 success(n.)成功 successful(adj.)成功的
21. be concerned about对…关心 22. have a secure income有固定的收23. hunt for寻找,搜寻
24. do harm to 伤害,对…有害 do good to对…有好处 25. come into being出现,形成
26. appreciate (v.)欣赏,感激,意识到 appreciate+名词/代词/动名词
I would appreciate it if… 如果…我将不胜感激。 27. an unexpected incident一件意外事故
28. for sure确切地,无疑地 29. according to a UN report 根据联合国的一份报告
30. in the last 500 years 在过去500年里 31. a start and an ending开头和结尾
32. intend/mean/ plan to …打算//计划做?? 33. to teach sb. a lesson教训某人
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1. Sb. be sure/certain of…= Sb. be sure/certain that从句 某人确信…
2. be sure/certain to do sth. 肯定会做…
3. It’s certain that从句 肯定会
例如: It’s certain that he will succeed.=He’s sure/certain to succeed.他肯定会成功的。 I’m sure/certain of his success.= I’m sure/certain that he will succeed. 我确信他会成功的。
Unit 5 Music
1. dream of/ about 梦想,想要 2. at a concert在音乐会上3. to be honest 老实说,说实话
3. attach v.系上,附上,附加,连接 attach … to …. 附上,连接
attach importance/value/significance/weight to认为…有重要性/价值/意义/分量(to为介词) be attached to连在...上, 附属于;热爱, 依恋 4. form the habit of doing sth.形成…的习惯
5. give performances 演出 6. be paid in cash 得到现金 7. earn v.赚,挣得,赢 earn extra money挣外快 earn/make a/one’s living谋生 make/earn money挣钱
8. rely on/upon=depend on/upon 依靠 rely on sb. doing sth.= rely on to do sth. 指望/依靠某人做… rely on it that从句 相信,指望… reliable (adj.)可依赖的,可靠的
9. during the broadcasts 在播出的时候 live television broadcast实况电视广播, 现场电视广播
10. be familiar to为?所熟悉get/be familiar with=have a good knowledge of 熟悉, 通晓, 精通
11. in addition=what’s more 另外,加之,此外in addition to?=besides除?之外还
12. break up 解散,解体;打碎;(关系) 破碎,;分裂, 结束, 衰落,驱散;分手
break down破坏,损坏;停住运转,出故障;精神崩溃,身体垮掉;(中途)抛锚 break in插话,打断 break into 破门而入 break out突然发生,(疾病、火灾
战争等)爆发 break off 突然停止或中断说话;断裂 break away逃走,脱离出去
13. play jokes on=play a joke on耍弄,开玩笑 make fun of取笑 laugh at嘲笑
14. a year or so 大约一年 15. go away离去, 带走(with) 16. mix up搅匀(拌和,混淆,搞乱)
17. sort out分类;整理;区分;解决(问题) sort…into…把…分类,整理 all sorts of各种各样的
18. in brief简言之,一言以蔽之 in short综上所述 to be brief简单地说 briefly(adv.)简要地
19. devotion (n.)投入,热爱 devoted(adj.) 忠实的,深爱的 devote(v.) 献身,专心于 devote oneself to献身,致力,专心于 be devoted to专心于 devote…to…把…用于/献给
20. afterwards随后,后来 forward(s) 向前 backward(s)向后 21. as soon as一…就…
22. be confident about/of/in对?有信心23. on a brief tour 短暂的巡演 24. went wrong.出错了
25. be sensitive to对…敏感 26. come up with提出,想出(主意,计划,答案)
27. stick to 坚持,忠于,信守(原则,计划,决定,诺言,意见等) 注:to为介词 insist on坚持(建议,看法,主张等)28. above all
29.pretend假装,伪装 pretend to be+ adj./n.假装是 pretend to do假装做
pretend to be doing假装正在做pretend to have done假装已做过… pretend that从句 假装…
1.Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can earn some extra money for themselves or to pay for their instruments.有时他们可能在街上或地铁里为过路人演奏,这样他们可以为自己或自己要买的乐器多挣一些钱。
They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order to get familiar with them. 他们非常走红使得歌迷们为了更加熟悉他们而成立了俱乐部。
So that“以便,为了” so…that…“如此…以致于…”

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